Welcome  & McNeilly Photography Studio is is an Award winning  Professional Photography Studio operating for over 30 years.  Just minutes from Lansing, Michigan, we are located downtown Grand Ledge.  We now have a new Photo Booth  presence in Grand Rapids Michigan. 


 We offer Senior and Family Portraits as  well as Lansing Photo booth Rentals.


As the term Professional implies,  we have an actual degree in Commercial / Portrait Photography.  This is quite unusual as 90% of the photographers advertising lack this training and avoid talking about it for obvious reasons. 

Lansing Photo Booth Rentals

Having fun and making memories is what we do.  Your guests deserve more than a plain background.  Our Lansing Photo booths rentals have been  hand built with you in mind.  We now have a White Wedding Lace photobooth available that is perfect for your reception décor.  You may have seen it at the Kellogg Center Bridal Show this year. 

With  18 guest selectable  backgrounds,  Black and White, Sepia and Color, as well as a camera that tilts up or down a bit -and zooms - your guests will be amazed.  Our quick  printer  keeps things  moving.  This booth can send you on a cruise or other location as well as provide a nice portrait background.  It is up to you.  We are so glad you found us !  The difference is clear. 

   We are ready to make some memories - how    about you?

McNeilly Photography Studio

Lansing Photobooth Rental:

  Our Photography Education helps us  create strong images that  based on  a blend of modern, but traditional styles.  Not the normal snapshots being promoted by inexperienced photographers on facebook but something to  stand the test of time.  We are not into trendy photos that will be embarrassing to you in a short time.  Our approach is to create strong, clean meaningful  portraits that reveal and preserve  special moments in time.    It is buyer beware out there.  You get what you pay for, maybe less, if you aren't careful.  Over 35 years in business is something to be proud of.


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Lansing Photobooth Rentals /

We started as and are Now present in Grand Rapids

as and we cover most of Michigan. 

                    It is Easy to see the difference - Quality matters...

Lansing Photobooth Rentals and Grand Rapids rental

Lansing Photobooth Rentals Grand Rapids Photobooth Rentals McNeilly Photobooth in Michigan


Lansing Photobooth Rental

McNeilly Photography Studio

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