​​​​​​ Thanks for visiting us. We are the unique booth that can be set up for you to contain 1  to 18  of our changing background themes. It is sure to amaze guests because the the variety we offer.    We can do a traditional single background booth  or something even more memorable with our  Photo Booth of Choice option that includes a unique variety of backgrounds themes your guest will love. The professional quality  and noticable variety easily makes us  truly  different than most any photo booth you likely have ever been in.  This is fun! 

  With the Photo Booth of Choice option we can set up a default theme, guest choice  or  set the machine to random so it won't slow the flow of guests.  We  adjust the content based on type of event such as a Wedding having a beach wedding theme and /or portrait type theme for your guests or even a party bus etc.  It is truly the most fun and variety will  find in a photobooth.   

LansingPhotobooth.com was built to create gift keepsakes your guests will  treasure for years.  

Our  custom  photo booths are built, licensed and insured through  the Award Winning McNeilly Photography Studio.   In service  for over 30 years - we are just minutes from Lansing, Michigan, in downtown Grand Ledge.  Occasionally we travel outside our normal area.  Feel free to discuss this with us.  We are pleased to announce the addition of our additional presence as  GrandRapidsPhotobooth.com which is currently the hosting site for past Photobooth of Choice level events including those from our  LansingPhotobooth.com site.   


 We make actual printed keepsakes your guests will treasure and our studio continues to offer the quality and results that education and experience requires.   Over 1000 Weddings, Senior and Family Portraits photographed so far in addition to our  Photo booth Rentals.


 Professional  level  -we have an actual degree in Commercial / Portrait Photography.  This is quite unusual as 90% of the photographers advertising lack this training and avoid talking about it for obvious reasons that would be embarrassing facts.  Passion is not a substitution for lack of skill or education and the lack of this training will  most certainly show.  

Lansing Photobooth Rentals and Grand Rapids Photobooth.photos rental

      Lansingphotobooth.com  & GrandRapidsphotobooth.com are a Service provided

                                              by McNeilly Photography Studio

          Licensed, Insured, and built by an Award Winning Photographer  James McNeilly A.A.S 

                      It is Easy to see the difference - Quality And Performance matters...

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Award Winning Degreed Photography Studio

Feel free to chat - 517 627 6654, ask for James


Lansing and Grand Rapids Photo Booth Rental:

We can even make Exclusive

 20 x 24 Keepsake Collage print from photo strips !

Lansing Photo Booth Rentals

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LansingPhotobooth.com and GrandRapidsPhotobooth.com is a service offered by Multi Award Winning McNeilly Photography Studio

Lansing Photobooth Rentals Grand Rapids Photobooth Rentals McNeilly Photobooth in Michigan

Our Unique Photo booths hand built and programmed like no other..... 

Presents :

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Our booth is Unique !  UP to 18 Themed Backgrounds available for guests to experience !  We are the only booth to offer this variety!


Having fun and making memories is what we do.  Your guests deserve more than a plain background.  Our Lansing Photo booths rentals and Grand Rapids Photo Booths have been  hand built with you in mind. 

From your first glance at our images you can see that your guests will appreciate our unique approach to making keepsakes they will treasure.    We encourage you to compare our actual event photos with theirs.  We are a better value.   You will see why we are the preferred service at many corporate events.  We think the difference is clear. 

Our packages are available with up to 18 guest   selectable  themes, your guests will be amazed at the varieties that isn't seen in other booths.  Not just  Black and White, Sepia and Color,  We offer guest selectable themed strips that, depending on the specific event -  can send guests on a Cruise, Vegas, Party Bus, Beach Wedding etc....as well as provide a nice portrait background.  It is up to you and they won't all look the same!   

We are so glad you found us !  Our Green  button Below can take you to our gallery  for comparison or to download photos from a recent event when they become available.   Pricing and lots of info are here for you - look through it and feel free to give us a call .