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Some of the great clients and events we have been proud to have worked with:

Our New White Wedding Photobooth will be perfect for your Wedding Reception.  Give us a call to visit our Studio for a Demo or to inquire about

our availability for your special event.

Lansing Photobooth and Grand Rapids Photobooth located in Michigan

Lansing Photo booth  a Photo booth Rental in Lansing Michigan

James McNeilly A.C.P.

Years of experience: 35

Expertise: Commercial / Portrait

Studio Owner and Photobooth Operator


Julie Reynolds

Grand Rapids Rental Support

Photobooth Assistant

Thaddeus McNeilly

 Photobooth Assistant

Photobooth Setup Team

 Our Photobooths - Configured as

needed per event.  White Wedding, Antique Brown and Square.  The have held as many as 8 people.


Photographic Degree in Commercial / Portraiture, 12 years with a Newspaper while also running my storefront studio (Now over 30 years).  Award winning photography (over 18) and 1000 weddings photographed.  Using this lighting and photographic knowledge,  I custom built our unique photobooths which are better in performance, speed, quality, variety, appearance and experience.  .             

We care about Quality

The term Professional means applying the specialized

 education received in order to achieve  consistent, high quality results expected from a person who has developed their talent through formalized  education.   


 Anyone can sell snapshots or try to convince you they  are just as good as a professional.   How can they determine that -  if the fact remains  - they are uneducated in the Profession they claim to be an expert at??              

Our Staff

We enjoy the Art of Photography as well as the social interaction with our clients.  We enjoy creating something special from what we see, that you will treasure.  We want to capture you at your best and we  take pride in being trusted to provide photographic services. 

We would love to speak with you so you may call me on my cell phone to discuss your ideas and needs. Don't forget that we can bundle our Photobooth services with professional photography.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Photographic Education is the foundation of Great Photographs. 

Without expertise how would you expect professional results? We know  that it is the artist's trained eye that makes a difference between a snapshot and a portrait.  We find it amazing at the number of "Posers" knowingly   misrepresenting themselves  as professional while only possessing enthusiasm,  a camera, AND charging professional rates for amateur snapshots.   We took the time to EARN a Photographic degree because we realized that it takes more than enthusiasm to reach your potential.  As a paying client we realize you are seeking Professional Photographs, not amateur snapshots of your special event. 

Our Vision

Our Strength